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Dr. Juliana King accepted her call from God into the five-fold ministry as a teacher of the word, ordained minister of the gospel, and pastor. In 2006, she was consecrated and ordained into the office of Apostle by the Spiritual Covering Alliance Worldwide, Inc.

Her apostleship and ministry are followed by signs and wonders from the Spirit of God. Her ministry has helped in transforming the lives of many leaders and individuals around the world.

She was bishop-elect by the International Sacred College of Bishops, Inc. from 2007 to 2009. In September 2009, she was consecrated and ordained into the office of bishop making her the first, first generation African woman in America to be ordained a bishop. She is president and CEO of Beauty of Holiness Celebration Ministries Worldwide, Inc., and founder and president of Kingdom Builders Clergy Alliance Network Worldwide with over 412 members and 275 ordained pastors.

This alliance pioneered the establishment of the Kingdom International University College of Biblical Studies and Seminary in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the USA. Dr. King is also the founder of Beauty of Holiness Charities, Juliana King Global Empowerment Marketplace Ministry, founder of Juliana King Holy Revival Crusade Movement, GOD’S CEO, Beauty for Jesus Clinics, and Host of Beauty Come Alive Media Ministry and Shalom Counseling and Pastoral Care Services.

She was also a senior professor of theology and counseling at a highly reputable college and seminary in Maryland U.S.A., and presently serves as the President of Juliana King University (formerly International Kingdom Christian Seminary and School of Counseling). She is the author of 7 books such as 9 Keys to Unlock Your Purpose, 7 Steps to World Revival, and other books. She is a psalmist, a motivational and an inspirational speaker. She led the initiative to establish the Texas Faith-Based Epic Resource Center to meet the needs of the communities. She is an executive member of the International Sacred College of Bishops and Apostles, Inc.

Before her ministry assignments, Dr. King was a licensed and well-established fashion designer in the Maryland Metropolitan Area and internationally as well. Her designs made the cover pages of EXSAE magazine and were featured in Who’s Who in Fashion in the 80’s in the American mid-stream fashion industry. She was the founder and president of International Images, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provided a scholarship foundation for international students to help meet the needs of Africans at large. Her mission was accepted and recognized by the African government. The organization was given a platform at the Nigerian Consulate, African Embassies, and the United Nations in the 90’s. Dr. King also received an award as an honoree citizen of Tennessee in 1995.

Among all her accomplishments, God has graced her with the spirit of humility and a heart of servitude. Her greatest desire is to help bring hope and love, eradicate poverty, promote good health, educate, and empower our communities to walk into their destiny, and direct humanity to achieve divinity.

Academic Profile

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Theology from Hope Bible College
  • Master of Arts Degree in Christian Education from Faith Christian University
  • Doctor of Arts Degree in Ministry from Faith Christian University
  • Doctor of Arts Degree in Divinity from Family Bible University
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Leadership & Management from Family Bible University
  • Doctor of Organizational Leadership from Family Bible University
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Education from Family Bible University
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Theology from Family Bible University
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling (PhD) from Family Bible University


  • Certified Life Coach
  • Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor with Advance Certification
  • Certified Temperament Counselor
  • Certified Creation Therapist